Priority I - Quality: Fundamental to everything we do


  1. Create a Salus “community of excellence” that consists of: (a) qualified and diverse students, faculty, staff and Board of Trustee members; and (b) engaged alumni, philanthropic partners and external stakeholders and constituents.
  2. Strengthen and grow Salus’ educational and clinical programs.
  3. Develop and implement curricula that prepare graduates for successful practice, influential participation and leadership positions within the current and future healthcare and education environments.
  4. Ensure a respectful, engaged and efficient culture amongst the university workforce.
  5. Sustain an environment that promotes a culture of excellence in research that develops and expands scholarly activities that lead to improved education, health and well-being.

Priority II - Innovation: Salus setting the pace

  1. Provide leadership that impacts the future of healthcare, education and professional practice.
       a) Explore and implement innovative models of education for domestic and
          international markets, including competency-based assessments and 
          stackable credit opportunities.
       b) Develop an operational core curriculum of inter-professional collaborative
          practices and education.
       c) Engage accreditors and regulators to ensure that requirements match the
          current and projected health care landscape.
2) Apply best practices in technologies, teaching methodologies, policy development and evidence-based approaches that foster excellence in education, clinical practices and university operations.

Priority III - Fiscal responsibility: Excellence requires good stewardship

  1. Provide a superior educational experience that represents a best value in graduate and professional education, which enables graduates to achieve personal and professional goals.
  2. Develop philanthropic and extramural support to enhance scholarships and support the University’s educational, clinical and research programs.
  3. Explore strategic alliances that enhance Salus’ mission, operations and fiscal performance
  4. Ensure transparency and accountability in all University processes and operations.

Annually, we establish measurable objectives aligned with these University Priorities and Goals.