Stackable Certificates Culminating in an MSc in Clinical Optometry Degree with an Advanced Studies Certificate

Salus University is offering a series of stackable certificates that culminate in a Master of Science in Clinical Optometry degree. An Advanced Studies certificate within a chosen content area is also part of this offering. Student may complete a majority of the coursework online. 

Admissions Criteria:
  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a vision-related field, such as optics, optometry or ophthalmology
  • A license to practice optics, optometry or ophthalmology, or proof of a relevant faculty appointment
  • Demonstration of English language proficiency
    • A recommended score for the IELTS of 5.5 or above
    • A recommended score for the TOEFL IBT is 70 or above

Two of the certificates require students to travel to the US for clinical training:
  • Clinical Eye Care Certificate (face-to-face delivery with 6 weeks in the U.S.)
  • Advanced Studies Certificate (hybrid delivery with one week in the U.S.)

Program set to start â€‹Spring 2021 for the Comprehensive Eye Care 1 certificate.
Comprehensive Eye Care 1
The purpose of this certificate is to provide students with expanded knowledge in epidemiology and research design, ocular anatomy and physiology, and the visual sciences such as contact lens, refractive surgery, low vision and binocular vision and vision therapy.
Comprehensive Eye Care 2
Students successfully completing this certificate will be equipped with tools to critically appraise and apply the scientific literature in optometric practice. Additionally, courses in human and ocular anatomy, optic nerve disorders, physiology, pathology and pharmacology will broaden and deepen a student’s knowledge in the identification and management of ocular manifestations of disease.
Comprehensive Eye Care 3
Students successfully completing this certificate will be able to more effectively diagnosis and co-manage glaucoma, anterior and posterior segment disease and ocular manifestations of systemic disease. Courses in environmental optometry, including myopia control, as well as practice management and professional development provide students will knowledge and skills to expand their practice impact and become leaders in their professions.
Clinical Eye Care
The students practice on paid patients in a workshop setting to review a standardized approach to primary eye care clinical examination skills and the recording of clinical findings.

The emphasis is on mastering the following clinical skills:
  • Refraction
  • Goldmann tonometry
  • Slit lamp biomicroscopy
  • Gonioscopy
  • Dilated fundus lens biomicroscopy
  • Binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy.

Students examine patients in a controlled environment to diagnose ocular diseases and identify appropriate management options for each patient. Students work with skilled clinicians during the rotation, thereby receiving professional guidance throughout the process.
Scholarly Applications
Students complete a mentor-guided, written literature review on an approved topic that culminates in an oral presentation. Students interested in pursuing a PhD degree at Salus can choose a topic and be assigned a faculty advisor that can potentially result in a shorter PhD program duration. Additionally, students will write two case reports based upon patients for whom they have provided care. The case reports are written under the supervision and guidance of an assigned faculty content expert. Each student presents one of the cases orally to an audience of peer and their faculty advisor.
Advanced Studies
Advanced Studies gives students the opportunity to customize their experience by gaining additional knowledge and skills within a specific content area. It consists of four parts delivered in a small group learning format, including online lectures and hands-on workshops that utilize paid patients with relevant conditions as indicated. In addition, article reviews and mentor-guided case report writing are teaching techniques that will be utilized.

The current Advanced Studies content offerings are:
  • Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy
  • Vision Impairment and Rehabilitation
  • Contact Lens
Email Melissa Vitek, OD, FAAO, Dean of International and Continuing Education, for more information: