On Meeting Dr. Osborne...

'And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.' - Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist
Dr. Osborne TouchingIn looking back, there were events that could easily have precipitated my entry into the world of audiology. There was the personality profiling test that I took in college which matched my personality to the field of audiology; the first time I even heard of the profession. There was my best friend's mother, who also happens to be an audiologist, and who encouraged me to explore it when I was falling out of love with my first job out of college. Then, there was this other audiologist who took a chance with me and offered me a position as an audiometric assistant at a bustling practice.  By the way, you probably heard of these two audiologists whom I have just mentioned, they are Dr. Tomi Browne and Dr. Ken Henry respectively, and I owe them tons.  
Yet, it all came down to one person. One person who provided the final nudge that forever propelled me into my vocation. Funny how life works, one can spend all the time discerning and not taking the plunge, yet when the right person comes along,  you would find yourself asking why you had any doubts to even begin with. That person was George Osborne, PhD, DDS.  I met Dr. Osborne rather serendipitously.  I said yes to going to a musical (I believe it was Hairspray) at the Kennedy Center with family friends, and he happened to be another family friend. Now, let me tell you, life has a way of dampening the light in people. You live long enough life's pudgy fingers will inevitably find its way and leave its prints on you, tarnishing the once pure slate. Heck, it may even drop you a few times and cause you a chip here or there. So it is refreshing when someone comes along who is truly wholesome, who retained 
a most infectious passion for life and for his profession, and who truly exemplifies unconditional positive regards. That was Dr. Osborne in a nutshell. Here was a grandfatherly figure who has a twinkle in his eyes, who can't seem to hide his ebullience of having found something splendid and can't wait to share the discovery with you.  Here was the audiology equivalent of Chef Auguste Gusteau telling me I could become a great audiologist, and there is one place to do it -  the residential audiology program offered at The Pennsylvania College of Optometry.  Here was a man with a vision, brimming with compassion, and a profound belief that others can succeed like him.  How can one say no to that? That night, he lit a fire under me like no other.  For if love for education and for the profession of audiology is like spreading a fire; then Dr. Osborne was a pyromaniac.  
And so it is that I find myself several years down the road a proud graduate from the George S. Osborne College of Audiology at Salus University.  A program that came from what one man envisioned because of what he saw as virtues magnified by The Pennsylvania College of Optometry.  So happy 100 PCO, happy 10 to Salus and OSA College of Audiology.  

- Andy Lau, AuD '12