Focus on Our Future

With Focus on Our Future: The Centennial Campaign for Salus University, we are committed to raising critical private support to ensure that Salus’ impact on our students, our region, and our world is even more powerful in our next 100 years. The future we strive to safeguard is not just the University’s, but that of human health as a whole.

A gift to Salus is an investment in the future of our region and of our world. Together, we can effect change, advance care, and put health and wellness within reach for everyone whose lives we touch.

1919 was an auspicious year for vision health. That year, Dr. Albert Fitch founded the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, which quickly established itself as a leader in advancing biomedical education and clinical care and became the first institution to grant the Doctor of Optometry degree. 

A century later, our University remains dedicated to health—but on a much  larger scale, with academic programs  that span the health and rehabilitative professions spectrum. Renamed Salus University 10 years ago after the Latin word meaning “health and well-being,” we are proud to be training tomorrow’s leaders in optometry as well as audiology, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, blindness and low vision, biomedicine, and in the profession of physician assistant.

Salus has broadened its scope because we know that with health and wellness, people take a more active role in their communities, their families, and their own lives—and we want to prepare and empower as many students as possible to make good health achievable for people across the Philadelphia region and beyond. 

You, too, have the power to make people stronger and healthier. You can support the development of leaders in the health sciences and help care providers better understand the factors that contribute to disability. You can speed the recovery of the injured and enable individuals who are disabled to pursue active, productive lives.