Community Impact


To build stronger communities, we must find innovative ways to extend care to every citizen. That’s why we continue to carry out the Salus tradition of putting civic engagement into action. 
Our students have countless opportunities to gain hands-on experience as they improve the lives of individuals and families throughout the Philadelphia area.

We are highly invested in the well-being of our communities, spearheading outreach initiatives that include: 
  • Eye Exams PhiladelphiaPROVIDING FREE VISION CARE SERVICES to children from the Philadelphia School  District and other local schools, where many children who fail their vision screening previously went untreated. Salus vision care teams ensure that these children receive comprehensive follow-up services, including supplying them with eyeglasses at no charge. 
  • PROVIDING INTERDISCIPLINARY CONSULTATION and services to blind  and visually impaired individuals so they can achieve personal goals such as reading, identifying street signs and bus numbers, watching television, managing household and job-related tasks, and pursuing educational opportunities.
  • PROVIDING SPECIALIZED VISUAL ASSESSMENTS through the Special Populations Assessment and Rehabilitation Center for children with multiple disabilities or who are pre-verbal to ensure that early intervention and individualized educational programs are truly tailored to their needs.
  • CONDUCTING COMPREHENSIVE FREE  OR LOW-COST ASSESSMENTS and intervention through the Salus University Speech-Language Institute (SLI) for pediatric,  adult, and geriatric clients who are experiencing communication and swallowing disorders. Faculty and students from the SLI also conduct community screenings at local daycare centers, preschools, community agencies, and health and senior fairs.
  • OFFERING HEARING SCREENINGS as well  as full hearing and balance evaluations to various under served community members of all ages, including schoolchildren. 
  • PROVIDING BOTH HEARING AND VISION SCREENING through the Veterans Readiness Initiative, ensuring that military  veterans are able to benefit from educational and employment opportunities when they return from combat.
  • PARTNERING WITH COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS to bring occupational therapy screenings, environmental evaluations, and educational programming to schools, science and art museums,  support groups for mothers who are breastfeeding, religious organizations,  and nonprofit homecare agencies.

PROGRAMS LIKE THESE EQUIP OUR STUDENTS with practical  direct experience, allowing them to take the knowledge they’ve gained  in the classroom and the lab and apply it to meet real-world needs in our neighborhoods. But administering this programming requires significant funding from the school. Your investment in the Focus on Our Future campaign will sustain these programs, ensuring that even more students can learn firsthand as they deliver vital care and ongoing support to the  people who need it most.