Katharine Funari, OD '18

Katherine Funari Team Pic 1Over the last four years, not only did I find a school that provided one of the best optometric educations I could have received, but I was also able to find a group of friends that I believe will be some of my lifelong friends. We spent endless days and nights in classes and clinic, studying until we couldn’t fit anything else into our brains for the day and enjoying each other’s company while working towards our goals. There are so many fond memories I have with my classmates but one of my favorites was our first year field day. Each optometry class was split into 4 sections - A,B,C,D -  with about 40 students in each. Our class council decided to bring us together with a day of friendly competition. Each section chose a team color and we battled it out to see which section was the best. We had pie eating contests, races, quizzo, music, food and so much more. Of course the best section won that day (A for Awesome) but in the end we all just had a great time letting off some steam and enjoying company with our friends. Lots of love for the class of 2018! 

- Katharine Funari, OD '18‚Äč, Alumni and Resident 
Section A-Red 
Section B-Blue
Section C-Black
Section D-green

Katherine Funari Group Pic 2