Terri Lightbody, AuD '04

Terri Lightbody AuDWhy did you choose your particular profession?
I volunteered in an after school program that worked with visually impaired and hearing impaired children. We would meet them at the bus and follow the daily lesson plan of activities. I remember how amazed I was watching the kids navigate their world.

Tell me about your time at Salus/PCO. Why did you choose to study there?
PCO was recommended by a colleague for the distance learning program. I liked the short semesters.

What are some of your favorite memories from Salus/PCO – favorite classes, professors, classmates, clinical experiences, co-workers?
I enjoyed working with audiologists and professors all over the United States. One of my first classes, Hearing Loss and Syndromes, was one of the hardest, yet rewarding, classes.

Tell me about your life after Salus/PCO – where do/did you practice, how long?
While attending PCO, I was a full time managing Audiologist in a busy Ear Nose Throat practice with three different office locations and six audiologists. As the practice grew, so did the headaches. Figuratively and literally! I was planning on opening a private practice after receiving my doctorate degree. You only live once!

-Terri Lightbody, AuD '04, Alumni