Wayne Martin and WifeI graduated from Ohio University and entered PCO in 1964.
Over the next four years I was privileged to work part time with Dr. Harry Kaplan, International Contact Lens Fitter and Professor at PCO. In 1966, while working in Dr. Kaplan's office, I met my wonderful wife.
I graduated in 1968 with the Clinical Efficiency Award and got married in August and started a practice inWalnut Creek, Calif.  After a few years we had our son and then our daughter.  They now have their own families and we have been blessed with six wonderful grandchildren.
During those first few years, I became a clinical investigator for AO Solutions and B&Ls first bifocal contact lenses. 
Having the wonderful opportunity to help my patients have eyes that are healthy, see their best and look their best and the special relationships that have been built have been very rewarding over these past 50 years.
I sold the practice three years ago, but because of my love for optometry and my patients , I still work three days a week when I’m not traveling. We have had the good fortune of staying healthy and have traveled to all 50 states and 57 countries and will be taking our 50th cruise to celebrate our 50 years in practice as well as our 50th anniversary this summer. 

Wayne Martin and Family
We have had a wonderful, blessed and rewarding life and PCO (now Salus University) was a big part of providing this opportunity and we are very appreciative.
Happy 100th Anniversary!  

- Wayne L. Martin, OD '68