A Closer Look: The Crozier Cup

John J. CrozierIn 2014, the Executive Board of Salus University’s Student Council created the Crozier Cup Student Organization of the Year Award, named in honor of John J. Crozier, OD ’48, the institution’s first vice president and dean of Student Affairs.
The Crozier Cup is awarded to recognize the student organization that has demonstrated success in organizational development, leadership, service and student engagement and made outstanding contributions to student life at Salus University.   
The Crozier Cup rests atop a pedestal adorned with an engraved perpetual plaque listing the recipient’s name and award year. The Crozier Cup is housed within the Student Council Office in the Hafter Student Community Center.  
The awarded student organization is determined through a nomination and voting process associated with the Salus Awards Gala (SAG). SAG, sponsored by the the University’s Student Council, is held annually each fall and provides an opportunity for the entire Salus community to participate and recognize those within it who have made outstanding contributions to the University during the preceding year.   

Crozier Cup Winners 
Recipients of the Crozier Cup
2014: Salus University Student Council
2015: Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)
2016: Student Academy of Audiology (SAA)
2017: American Optometric Student Association (AOSA)
As noted by James M. Caldwell, OD, ’89, EdM, dean of Student Affairs, “Dr. John's management style is seldom seen in the world today, it was grounded in the concept of 'basking in the reflected glory of others', that is, he much preferred to participate in an event that recognized the success of someone he mentored, rather than be the one who was being honored. Now, with 'The Crozier Cup' being an annual award, in spirit, he can continue to "bask in the glory" and "celebrate the recognition" of the people he so loved ... the students.”