This poem was written by Drs. Bisant Labib and Erin Jenewein and featured in The Eye Institute's door decorating contest in 2017.

The Night Before Christmas at TEI

‘Twas the week before Christmas,
And all through Oak Lane,
Not a student was present,
So they can’t complain.
The doors were decorated,
With tinsel and twine,
They were subpar,
Except for mine.
Downstairs in the clinic,
Patients all in a hurry,
Claiming all at once,
“Our vision is blurry!”
The residents began to scramble,
Looking for their supplies,
As Marilyn paged for help,
Thinking “they’ll be there til sunrise!”
The emergency resident,
Gets paged for a walk in,
And while in the triage,
The patient doesn’t stop talkin.’
His appearance was peculiar,
Quite jolly and round,
When Dr. Crouse asks about his diet,
He doesn’t make a sound.
“I am a diabetic,
My values fluctuating,
But how can I help that,
With all those kids baking?”
His exam had begun,
VA’s all a wack,
And in the middle of slit lamp,
He pulls out a snack.
The resident shakes his head,
Unsure what to do,
Luckily he has support,
That Ken assigned him to.
“Let’s get him dilated,
And run an OCT of the eye,
But please don’t do photos,
Or you can kiss reimbursement good bye.”
His macula was quite thickened,
With many microns of fluid,
We said he needed laser,
And he cried ‘just do it!’”
Soon after his referral,
For retinal care,
He began to see clearly,
His excitement he couldn’t bear!
“I can now read my lists,
And ride my big sleigh,
If it wasn’t for TEI,
The presents would stay!”
And away he then went,
Riding in his sleigh,
As Celeste shouted,
“Where’s his copay?”
He let out a jolly laugh,
As he flew out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night!