Throwback Thursday: A Plea is Made at the 1918 POA Convention for a College of Optometry to be Established in Philadelphia

1919-Newspaper-Advocating-for-College-of-Optometry-in-Philly.jpgPublished in The York Daily Record on Jan. 1, 1919, this newspaper clipping chronicles the first discussion made among the Pennsylvania Optometric Association (POA) to establish a college of optometry in the city of Philadelphia. Otto G. Haussmann, a chairman on the Board of Trustees for the Pennsylvania State College of Optometry (PSCO), later renamed Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) in 1964, “made a fervent plea that the plan of establishing an institution of this sort in Philadelphia be endorsed by the convention.” The plan was unanimously endorsed by the POA and efforts toward establishing PSCO were put into motion.

The following image, from “My Fifty Years in Optometry” by Dr. Albert Fitch, founder and first president of PSCO, shows the 1918 Board of Trustees: Marcus Rothchild (also mentioned in the newspaper clipping), A. L. Fellman, Dr. Albert Fitch, William G. Walton, Sr., and Otto G. Haussmann.

Board of Trustees