Throwback Thursday: Philadelphia Focus: Optometry’s Meeting 2014

Philadelphia was the focus of the American Optometric Association in late June 2014, as members arrived for the annual Optometry’s Meeting. Held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the meeting provided the opportunity for many of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry’s (PCO) alumni, faculty and students to meet locally at a national conference – right in the city where it all began for their College.
The University hosted a fundraising cocktail reception at the National Constitution Center on June 27, 2014, where more than 300 attendees mingled amidst banners, exhibits, soaring ceilings and walls of windows showcasing nearby Independence Hall. 
Pictured above is James Caldwell, OD ’89, dean of Student Affairs, Jean Marie Pagani, OD ’87, PCO associate professor, and Helene Kaiser, OD ’89, PCO associate professor, as they proudly display the letters P-C-O to support Kelsey Moody, OD ’15 (pictured below), in the AOSA Optometry Student Bowl.