This is an excerpt from the Winter 1965 Alumni Bulletin about the official name change of the Pennsylvania State College of Optometry to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

After forty-five years our Alma Mater acquires a new name, a name which we hope most Alumni will consider an improvement. Certainly it is shorter and easier to use, especially in conversation. We have all had the experience of telling someone the name of our Alma Mater only to hear it incorrectly repeated in the next minute or two. The abbreviation is shorter, too, - PCO. For years it will seem awkward for many of us to omit the “S” as we warmly refer to our Alma Mater by its abbreviated handle.

But there may be more in a name than its convenience of use and pleasantness of sound. In selecting the name, the Pennsylvania State College of Optometry, our founding fathers merely fell into the pattern of the day when new banks and other corporations were to use “state” in their names. Through the years, the name been the source of some trouble. On the one hand, prospective benefactors were inclined to shy from what might be a state-owned institution. On the other hand, critics of the College pointed out accusingly that the name was intentionally selected to be misleading. The change of name should alleviate both of these problems.
Then, too, over the years there has been some inconsequential confusion between our College and Pennsylvania State University, formerly Pennsylvania State College. When “Penn State” changed its name from “College” to “University,” the confusion was lessened. But in recent years the establishment of the Ogontz Center of Penn State University, a short distance from our College, has caused a rise in confusion.

We have our new name to use with pride – Pennsylvania College of Optometry – PCO. Let us embrace our new name with enthusiasm and let us vow to make it mean all that the old name meant to us plus all we can add to it in years to come.