Our program focuses on diverse, extensive and in-depth clinical training using:
  • Dedicated training labs
  • On-campus clinic – Pennsylvania Ear Institute
  • Local clinical rotations
  • Year-long externship

Overall, you will receive more than 2,400 hours of clinical training in the program.

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First Year - Fall Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-7132 Cell and Molecular Processes 1 
OCA-AUA-7300 Auditory Biology 1   
OCA-AUA-7301 Auditory Biology 2
OCA-AUA-7400 Head & Neck Anatomy
OCA-AUA-7502 Instrumentation
OCA-AUA-7504 Calibration
OCA-AUA-7524 Acoustics and Acoustic Phonetics
OCA-AUA-7530 Audiometric Principles 1 
OCA-AUA-7580 Patient Centered Clinical Interviewing
SU-IPE-7730 Evidence-Based Practice Part 1
OCA-AUA-8630 Clinical Skills: Audiometric Principles 1
OCA-AUA-8851 Professional Practice 1
First Year - Winter Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-7133 Cell and Molecular Processes 2
OCA-AUA-7230 Systemic Organ Biology 1
OCA-AUA-7401 Neurosciences  
OCA-AUA-7525 Psychoacoustics  
OCA-AUA-7531 Audiometric Principles 2
OCA-AUA-7552 Hearing Technologies 1  
OCA-AUA-8631 Clinical Skills: Audiometric Principles 2
OCA-AUA-8642 Clinical Skills: Hearing Technologies 1 
OCA-AUA-8852 Professional Practice 2
First Year - Spring Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-7201 Pharmacology
OCA-AUA-7235 Systemic Organ Biology 2  
OCA-AUA-7520 Otoacoustic Emissions
OCA-AUA-7553 Hearing Technologies 2
OCA-AUA-7562 Auditory Evoked Responses 1
OCA-AUA-7730 Clinical Problem Solving 1 
OCA-AUA-7934 Ethics in Healthcare Professions
OCA-AUA-8643 Clinical Skills: Hearing Technologies 2  
OCA-AUA-8662 Clinical Skills: Auditory Evoked Responses 1
OCA-AUA-8853 Professional Practice 3
Second Year - Summer Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-7503 Speech and Language Development and Disorders
OCA-AUA-7554 Hearing Technologies 3
OCA-AUA-7563 Auditory Evoked Responses 2
OCA-AUA-7570 Pediatric Audiologic Assessment
OCA-AUA-7581 Psychosocial Aspects of Hearing Impairment
OCA-AUA-7740 Introduction to Clinical Research
OCA-AUA-8644 Clinical Skills: Hearing Technologies 3
OCA-AUA-8670 Clinical Skills: Pediatric Audiologic Assessment
OCA-AUA-8654 Professional Practice 4
Second Year - Fall Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-7505 Auditory Processing Disorders
OCA-AUA-7540 Vestibular & Balance Evaluation 1
OCA-AUA-7571 Pediatric Intervention and Management
OCA-AUA-7582 Auditory Rehabilitation
OCA-AUA-7750 Audiology Grand Rounds
OCA-AUA-8645 Clinical Skills: Vestibular and Balance Evaluation 1
OCA-AUA-8855 Professional Practice 5
Second Year - Winter Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-7523 Medical Co-Management of Auditory Diseases
OCA-AUA-7541 Vestibular & Balance Evaluation 2 
OCA-AUA-7555 Cochlear & Brainstem Implants
OCA-AUA-7572 Educational Audiology
OCA-AUA-7936 Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills
OCA-AUA-8856 Professional Practice 6
Second Year - Spring Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-7515 Management of Tinnitus and Hyperacusis
OCA-AUA-7542 Vestibular Rehabilitation
OCA-AUA-7565 Inter-Operative Neuro Monitoring
OCA-AUA-7583 Aging and Management of Geriatric Patient
OCA-AUA-7731 Clinical Problem Solving 2
OCA-AUA-8857 Professional Practice 7
Third Year - Summer Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-7501 Cerumen Management
OCA-AUA-7937 Professional Issues in Audiology
OCA-AUA-8858 Professional Practice 8 (Summer Session 1C)
OCA-AUA-8864 Clinical Externship 1 - Part 1 (Summer Session 2 1D)
Third Year - Fall Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-7514 Hearing Conservation & Industrial Audiology
OCA-AUA-7940 Audiology Practice Management
OCA-AUA-8865 Clinical Externship 1 - Part 2 (Fall Session 1 2C)
OCA-AUA-8866 Clinical Externship 2 - Part 1 (Fall Session 2 2D)
Third Year - Winter Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-7940 Audiology Practice Management
OCA-AUA-8867 Clinical Externship 2 - Part 2 (Winter Session 1 3C)
OCA-AUA-8868 Clinical Externship 3 - Part 1 (Winter Session 2 3D)
Third Year - Spring Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-8869 Clinical Externship 3 - Part 2 (Spring Session 1 4C)
OCA-AUA-8870 Clinical Externship 4 - Part 1 (Spring Session 2 4D)
Fourth Year - Summer Quarter
Course # Title
OCA-AUA-8871 Clinical Externship 4 - Part 2