Students are required to complete all the mandatory courses, including the three clinical skills labs and two fellowship programs, to complete all the requirements for the MSc in Clinical Audiology program.
Required Courses                                                                                                Semester Credits
Online Didactic Courses for Core Curriculum in     Clinical Audiology                 21
Clinical Skills Lab-Based Training at the Elkins Park Campus or in Partner Country 3
Required Courses Total Credits 24
Required Fellowships                                                                                         Semester Credits
Fellowship in Cochlear Implants 15
Fellowship in Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Technologies 15
Required Fellowships Total Credits 30
MSc in Clinical Audiology Program Total Credits 54

Students will receive communication through a personal Salus University email address. Once a student’s account is established, all communication for this program will be sent to the student’s Salus University email address instead of their personal email address.