Post Professional OTD Curriculum

Core Courses
Course Number              Course Title                                                            Credits             
CER-OTD-7001-AA Inter-Professional Approach to Health 3.0  
CER-OTD-7002-AA Teaching in Higher Education 2.0  
CER-OTD-7003-AB Advanced Occupation-Based Perspectives 2.0  
CER-OTD-7004-AB Grant Writing and Disseminating Scholarship 3.0  
CER-OTD-8001-AB Doctoral Capstone Research Methods 3.0  
CER-OTD-8002-AB Doctoral Capstone Design 3.0  
CER-OTD-8030-AB Doctoral Capstone Project 1 1.0  
CER-OTD-8031-AB Doctoral Capstone Project 2 1.0  
Remedial Vision Rehabilitation Track
Course Number                         Course Title Credits
CER-OTD-7501-AA Understanding Visual Defects and Their Relationship to Occupation                                 3.0
CER-OTD-7502-AA Vision Testing/Screening 3.0
CER-OTD-7530-AA Remedial Vision Rehab 1: Visual Integrity and Visual Efficiency Problems 3.0
CER-OTD-7531-AA Remedial Vision Rehab 2: Eye Movement and Visual Information Processing Problems 3.0
Low Vision Rehabilitation Track
Course Number Course Title Credits
CER-OTD-7602-AA Special Topics in Low Vision Rehabilitation 3.0
CER-OTD-7603-AA Clinical & Functional Implications of Visual Impairment 3.0
CER-OTD-7630-AA Low Vision Evaluation and Treatment 1 3.0
CER-OTD-7631-AA Low Vision Evaluation and Treatment 2 3.0
Health and Wellness Track
Course Number Course Title Credits
CER-OTD-7701-AA Health & Wellness Across the Life Cycle 3.0
CER-OTD-7702-AA Global and Cultural Perspectives of Health and Health Policy 3.0
CER-OTD-7703-AA Health Promotion in Groups, Communities & Populations 3.0
CER-OTD-7704-AA Innovative Occupational Therapy Health and Wellness Practices 3.0
Additional Courses
Course Number Course Title Credits
CER-OTD-8032-AA Doctoral Capstone Project 3 1.0
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* Residencies are dynamic, face-to-face, five day full courses on campus that provide hands-on and/or community-based experiences.