All applicants must have completed their undergraduate studies and must hold an undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited college or university in order to be admitted to a program of studies in the College of Health Sciences, Education and Rehabilitation.


Salus University is now accepting applications through the GradCAS centralized application service. Please follow all instructions as indicated on the application portal.

The following application items are required for submission:

  • Submit through GradCAS: If new to the GradCAS application portal, you will need to create a new account. Once your account is created:
    • Click Add Program at the top of the application home page.
    • Use the search filters to locate the Salus University, Blindness & Low Vision programs.
    • Select the BLVS program application according to the term (Summer, Fall, Spring) to which you are applying. Note: Within the Program Materials section is where you will be able to indicate to which individual BLVS program and degree level (Master's or Certificate) you would like to apply.
    • Complete the application's four core sections: Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information, and Program Materials. 
  • Application Fee: A non-refundable fee of $124.00 is required. Payment may be made through the GradCAS application portal. 
  • Transcripts: All applicants are responsible for having official transcripts for every college or university attended sent directly to GradCAS centralized application service, regardless of whether a degree has been received from that particular institution or not. Please note, a transcript marked "issued to student" is not acceptable, even when delivered in a sealed envelope. 
  • Letters of Reference: Applications must include three letters of reference highlighting your academic and professional skills and addressing applicant qualities in relation to working in the field of blindness and low vision, education and/or rehabilitation. Please follow the directions for submitting letters of reference through the GradCAS application portal.
  • Statement of Purpose (minimum 250 words): Applicants must submit a typewritten, double-spaced, two- to three-page  personal statement through the GradCAS application portal explaining their purpose in undertaking graduate study in their program of interest. This is an opportunity to inform the Admissions Committee about the applicant's goals, interests, motivation, and background as they relate to their career plans and academic pursuits.
  • Job Resumé/Curriculum Vitae: All applicants must submit an educational and job resumé/curriculum vitae through the GradCAS application portal. This should include the applicant’s education, work experience, publications, honors or achievements, and community /extracurricular activities to date.
  • License/Certificates: Applicants may submit a copy of any certificate or license held as it pertains to their current profession through the GradCAS application portal. Applicants to the Education of Children & Youth with Visual Impairments who are currently certified teachers must upload a copy of a teaching certificate.  
  • Background Clearances: Applicants to Blindness and Low Vision Studies programs must complete Child Abuse History, State Police and Federal FBI clearances at the time of matriculation to the program. The Office of Student Affairs will contact the matriculated student with further instructions on submitting these requirements prior to enrollment. 
  • International Students: Please review any additional requirements needed.

Prerequisite Skills

Due to the nature of the coursework for all of the degree and certificate programs offered in the College, the following prerequisites skills apply:

  • Writing Skills
    Applicants are expected to demonstrate scholarly writing in their application essay, develop coherent and complete thoughts, and use correct grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation.
  • Computer Skills & Technology Requirements
    The Blindness and Low Vision Studies program requires graduate students have computer literacy skills upon entry into their respective programs. Most of the courses are online and require computer skills related to emailing, word processing, uploading and downloading files and assignments, conducting internet searches, and interacting online among others.
    • Prior to entering the program, students who lack basic skills in using the computer should complete a basic computer course from a computer education service, a community college, or university.  
    • Master’s degree candidates participate in research courses that may require skills in setting formulas for calculations in spreadsheets or databases and creating graphic representations of data.


Please complete the form found at the link below and submit. This form is appropriate for the applicant who may desire to take one or more of the courses offered in these programs, but is not enrolling in the full Master's degree or certificate programs. Please note: students in this status will be required to pay off-campus tuition costs. Please see Cost of Attendance for more information. 

Application Form for Non-Degree Seeking Student Status

Non-degree seeing students may take up to nine credits without enrolling in the full degree or certificate program. A student must complete the application process in order to be considered for enrollment.  

For more information about the admissions process call 215.780.1301 or email