The University offers a certificate program and a Master of Science (MS) degree program in Low Vision Rehabilitation.

Low Vision Rehab at Salus
These programs prepare professionals in rehabilitation, eye care, education and other related fields, to work more effectively in clinical rehabilitation and educational settings with people who have low vision. Emphasis is placed on an interdisciplinary team approach to service delivery. Program participants represent disciplines such as rehabilitation counseling, vision rehabilitation therapy, special education, orientation and mobility, occupational therapy, social work, optometry and ophthalmology. This program is available online with a three (3) week summer residency program and an internship.

Both the Master of Science (MS) degree and the certificate program require didactic course work. Methods, research and foundation courses related to the eye and low vision must be taken in a prescribed manner. The program may be taken part-time or full-time. All didactic coursework must be completed prior to entry into the off-campus internship. Students, working with a faculty advisor, develop an individualized Program of Studies to ensure appropriate course sequencing and integration.

This program provides the coursework and supervised fieldwork experiences required for certification by the Academy for the Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP) in Low Vision Therapy. While fieldwork placements are generally local, internships in clinical rehabilitation and educational facilities may be located in other states.

AER Accreditation logoThe Low Vision Rehabilitation programs have full accreditation status by the AER Accreditation Council (AERAC) of the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER), 5680 King Centre Drive, Suite 600 Alexandria, VA 22315. University and college programs that are fully accredited have demonstrated, through performance, systems, processes, faculty and procedures, that they offer a high-quality learning experience and preparation for jobs and certifications.

LVR Program Data — January through December 2022

  • Total Number of Enrolled Students: 26 with 96% retention rate (25/26)
  • Total Number of Completed/Graduated Students: 12/12 (100%) with 58% reporting employment*

*The timing of employment for completers/graduates may vary — some entered the program with existing employment, some pursue additional education at the conclusion of the program prior to pursuing employment, and those who completed at the end of the calendar year were not yet ready to pursue employment.