Certificate Program in Orientation & Mobility Sequence of Courses

For individuals who have completed an academic undergraduate or graduate degree specific to educating individuals with visual impairments and in one of the following fields: Education of Visually Impaired, Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, Low Vision Rehabilitation or Assistive Technology in Blindness and Visual Impairment.

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Spring Semester
Course #               Title                                      Delivery                                       Credits
BLV-5330 Principles of O&M 1 Blended            2.00
Summer Semester
Course #                      Title                                                                        Delivery         Credits
BLV-5130 Low Vision Assessment & Intervention 1 Blended 3.00
BLV-5131 Low Vision Assessment & Intervention 2 Blended 2.00
BLV-5300 O&M Techniques On-Campus 5.00
Fall Semester
Course #                        Title                                                      Delivery                             Credits
BLV-5007 Neurological Visual Impairment in Children Distance Education 2.00
BLV-5104 Neurological Visual Impairment in Adults Distance Education 1.00
BLV-5331 Principles of O&M 2 Blended 3.00
BLV-5332 Principles of O&M 3 Blended 3.00
BLV-6300 O&M Fieldwork Direct Service 3.00
Upon Completion of Didactic
Course #                        Title                           Delivery                                  Credits
BLV-6301 O&M Internship Direct Service 6.00
Certificate Program in Orientation & Mobility Total Credits:
  • 30.00 credits