O&P lab

Built upon cultural humility and belonging, the curriculum of the Salus O&P Program is constructed from a holistic perspective and a commitment to developing future generations of O&P professionals. This perspective will allow students to be self-reflective, lifelong learners who understand power imbalances and personal accountability while learning and growing in a respectful atmosphere. 

The O&P program consists of two developmental phases. The first phase examines several aspects of what it takes to be an orthotist and prosthetist, focusing on building the foundational knowledge, technical skills, and clinical abilities of an orthotist and prosthetist.

The second developmental phase of the O&P curriculum focuses on an integrated 18-month clinical residency. Students are immersed in O&P clinical practice and research. Upon successful completion of the integrated clinical residency and coursework, graduates will be eligible to sit for the National ABC Board Exams in both Orthotic and Prosthetic Disciplines.

Curriculum is contingent on accreditation and subject to change.