Salus University has more than 14,000 alumni, including recorded legacies. You are a part of a legacy family if you and your parent, grandparent, sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle or spouse attended or currently attend Salus. If you are a legacy, we would love to hear from you. Submit your story here.

For many legacy students and their families, attending Salus University felt inevitable. Although each student has a unique reason for choosing the University, they share a common pride in making a Salus education part of their family tradition.

Legacy Family Dr. Peter Dunn and daughter Dr. Kristen Taylor DunnFor some, like Kristen Taylor Dunn, OD ‘20, and Sean Patrick, OD ‘20, this tradition meant they knew they were slated for Salus from an early age.

It was always my dream to join Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) as a legacy family member. I remember visiting Salus for the very first time with my father, Peter Dunn, OD ‘87. We saw old friends and other legacy family members during our visit, and I instantly felt like part of this special community. My father always said that Salus PCO provided a wonderful educational program and, as a graduate, I can say that I completely agree. Being a legacy family member means the world to me, and it is an honor to follow in my father's footsteps as a graduate of Salus PCO.
-Dr. Kristen Taylor Dunn

Legacy Family Dr. Thomas Patrick and son Dr. Sean PatrickI am proud to be a Salus PCO legacy graduate. My dad, Thomas Patrick, OD ‘98, became the first optometrist in our family when I was just a child. I have been able to learn from my dad's experiences to better myself as an optometrist. Throughout optometry school, I have been able to count on my dad for guidance, support and valuable insight. If my future children decide to follow in my footsteps, I hope they can learn something from me just as I did from my dad.
-Dr. Sean Patrick