Dr. Bhawan MinhasA 2009 graduate of the University of Calgary and a 2013 graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry, Bhawan Minhas, OD, FAAO, Resident ’14, completed her residency in Primary Care at The Eye Institute (TEI) and immediately thereafter became a faculty member of the University's Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO). She took on the role of director of the on-campus Residency Programs in 2016 and for the past four years, she has worked alongside  students and residents to help them grow personally and professionally at both Salus PCO and TEI. She continues to fuel her passion for learning and teaching by continuously implementing new technology in patient care.

In her nomination for the Distinguished Service Award, Sweta Das, OD ’17, wrote about Dr. Minhas commitment to her practice and students. “Bhawan models excellence in clinic with patient care including assessment and management – expecting the same from her students,” she said. Dr. Das​ ​also described the optometrist as down to earth, serving students when they need her. “Dr. Minhas goes above and beyond to help students learn and she is there for them, giving her heart and soul to her work and everything she does,” she said.

This award is presented to a non-alumnus who is closely identified with Salus and who has provided notable service to the University and their profession. In recognition of her outstanding service to Salus PCO, The University’s Alumni Association proudly awards Dr. Minhas the Distinguished Service Award.