Dr. Bisant Labib Named Diplomate of American Academy of Optometry

Bisant LabibBisant Labib, OD, FAAO, assistant professor and co-chief of Suite 3 in the Primary Care Services at The Eye Institute, was recently named a Diplomate in the Comprehensive Eye Care section of the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) – making her the youngest woman ever to reach such an accomplishment.

“It was a challenging, yet extremely rewarding, process and it’s truly an honor to be among a group of dedicated and well-rounded clinicians to represent optometry in the area of comprehensive eye care,” she said.

To achieve diplomacy, Dr. Labib completed seven written case reports, a written examination consisting of a three hour multiple-choice examination, a practical examination, and an oral examination. Dr. Labib’s case reports covered topics on a variety of ocular diseases and conditions, including how a stroke affected vision in an elderly woman, to the treatment of accommodation insufficiency in a graduate student.

According to the AAO, a comprehensive eye care optometrist has an on-going responsibility for the total visual, ocular and related care of a population of patients. Diplomacy in this area requires a high level of knowledge and clinical ability in regards to vision care as a whole. This distinction is achieved by Doctors of Optometry who strive through their comprehensive eye care practice activities and through the diplomat program to attain a level of excellence in patient care management beyond the regular AAO fellowship program. 

Dr. Labib said her students, as well as her patients, influenced her decision to apply. “I owe it to my patients to provide them with the utmost care and to be the best optometrist that I can be,” she said.

Dr. Labib and her fellow novel  diplomates were formally recognized at the AAO banquet held during the  annual conference earlier this month in San Antonio, Texas.