Dr.Jingyun Wang Receives NEI FundingOn March 17, dean of Research, Dr. Mitchell Scheiman, announced that Dr. Jingyun Wang received her “Notice of Award” from the National Eye Institute of the national Institutes of Health (NIH) for her study, "Efficacy of Intermittent Occlusion in Amblyopia Treatment."

This two-year award, called an R21, is sometimes referred to as a planning grant.  The goal of the finding is for Dr. Wang to demonstrate the validity of her approach, which will hopefully lead to a follow-up award for an R01 grant.

Salus president, Dr. Michael H. Mittelman congratulated Dr. Wang on the news and said, “This (grant) helps to substantiate both our commitment and expertise in regards to research.” In his announcement to the Salus community Dr. Scheiman noted, “This is quite an achievement for Dr. Wang.  The first NIH/NEI grant award is always the most difficult to achieve and she accomplished this with her very first submission.”