Gold Key Members - Salus University
The PCO chapter of the Gold Key International Optometric Honor Society held their induction dinner in late January and welcomed 13 new members from the Salus PCO Classes of 2017 and 2018.

The Gold Key Society was established in 1965 by the student council at the Southern College of Optometry (SCO) for the purpose of recognizing upper-classmen who demonstrated outstanding professional and ethical attitude through leadership and service to their class, college, and profession. In 1972 the society became independent of the SCO student council and established itself as the leadership honor society for all schools and colleges of optometry. To reflect the society’s new status the name was changed to The Gold Key International Optometric Honor Society.

New Officers for 2016
President: Micaela Small
Vice President: Nicole Raffino
Secretary: Jannifer Shin
Treasurer: Katharine Funari
New Class of 2017 Inductees
Marie Boas
Shawn Horsman
Jonathan Jacesko
Gargee Patel
Lauren Shaffer
Jenae Stiles
Kristen Vincent
New Class of 2018 Inductees
Katharine Funari
Brian Johnson
Pelashia Moore Rhodes
Nicole Raffino
Jannifer Shin
Micaela Small
Current 2017 Members
Jenna Roney, Outgoing President
Courtney Goode, Outgoing Vice President
Samantha Haslbeck, Outgoing Secretary
Regina Altemus
Evelyn Dearing
Christin DeMoss
Caitlin McQueen
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Rebar