ICMYI: July 2019

BLVS-Lab-Edited-2.jpgBLVS Kicks Off Summer Sessions: In the last few weeks, Salus University’s College of Education and Rehabilitation (CER) Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies (BLVS) welcomed their incoming students for the on-campus summer programs. These students are pursuing studies either in Low Vision Rehabilitation (LVR), Orientation and Mobility (O&M), Education for Teachers of Children with Visual and Multiple Disabilities (TVI) or Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT). Over the course of the program, students learn the skills necessary to educate and provide exceptional care to individuals living with blindness and low vision. With a small faculty to student ratio, faculty members connect with each student on an unparalleled level. Through a combination of theory, hands-on instruction and in-depth fieldwork, students learn best practices in their field, while cultivating empathy and understanding for the needs of individuals with visual impairments, ultimately preparing them to become highly qualified professionals in a very specialized field.

SLP-Students-at-Brain-Injury-Association-Conference-2019.jpgSLP Students Become First to Present at Brain Injury Association of Pa. Conference: On June 24, 2019, Shelley Slott, MS, CCC-SLP, clinical educator for the University’s Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) program, along with second year SLP students Jaclyn Kolano, Megan Schafer, Cassidy Mertz, and Krupa Desai, presented at the Brain Injury Association of Pa. conference in Lancaster. The title of the presentation was “The Road to Recovery: A Model for a Cognitive Linguistics Therapy Group after Traumatic Brain Injury.” “The presentation was well received and we were told that this was the first time in the history of the conference that students had presented at the conference,” Slott said. Along with their presentation, the students also brought along some materials/games that are used in therapy and explained how they related to the cognitive domains. The audience played the games - Mental Blocks was the big winner! “The feedback from the audience was wonderful and attendees who don't live in the area were disappointed that they could not attend the group," Slott said. "The students did an amazing job creating the presentation. It was truly a team effort. I am so proud of everyone.” 

NOA-Student-Awards-Tasneem-and-Kierra-2019.jpg2019 NOA Convention: On July 10-14, Salus University faculty and students attended the 2019 National Optometric Association (NOA) annual convention in Atlanta, Ga. Ruth Shoge, OD, assistant professor in the University’s Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) had a presentation on "Double Trouble: From dreading to dealing with diplopia in a primary care practice." The objectives included educating participants about the diagnostic evaluation, differential diagnosis, and management strategies for patients who present with double vision (diplopia). Congratulations are also in order for Tasneem Maner, ‘20OD, who won first place in the National Vision Essay Grant for her essay on “Advancing the Eye Health of Diverse Populations” and Kierra Washington, '21OD, who was presented with the Marvin R. Poston Leadership Award (pictured above).

Dr-Bondurant-Spain-Conference.jpgPennsylvania Ear Institute director, Dr. Lindsay Bondurant, Presented at the 2019 AG Bell Global Listening and Spoken Language Symposium in Madrid, Spain: This event provided the latest research and innovative practices related to listening and spoken language while networking with other professionals.

2019 SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd Grant Awarded to Salus University Department of Speech-Language Pathology (SLP): The Parkinson Voice Project, a nonprofit organization, recently named Salus as one of this year’s 149 grant recipients that will receive free training and speech therapy supplies for their speech-language pathologists and students in order to help individuals with Parkinson’s Disease to improve their voice, swallowing and cognition. Robert Serianni, MS, CCC-SLP, interim chair and program director, is proud to offer these services without cost, starting this fall. “Salus will be the first institution in Philadelphia area to offer the LOUD Crowd program - we are excited for individuals to experience this unique treatment method,” he said. 

Marilyn Daltry Set to Retire: Early next month, Marilyn Daltry will be retiring from her 36-year career at Salus and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. In May of 1983, Felix M. Barker II, OD, MS, FAAO, hired Daltry as an administrative assistant in what is now the Department of Optometric Clinical Affairs. She had initially worked as a temp for a few months, and just a couple of weeks after hiring a full-time person, it was agreed that Daltry should stay. “She brought qualities to the position that have endured through the years and have endeared her to those with whom she works, like her humor, communication, humility, and dedication,” Cathie Muhr, retired educational program coordinator of the Department of Optometric Clinical Affairs said. “Many people have told me that, when Marilyn contacts them, they do their best to help, because they know she always does her best to help them.” We wish her the best of luck in her next chapter and thank her for everything she has done for Salus!

The College of Education and Rehabilitation (CER) Completes the First Interprofessional Direct Service Experience: Last month, students and preceptors from all three departments within CER completed its first interprofessional direct service experience. After a pilot program by Blindness and Low Vision Studies (BLVS) in 2018, the Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) departments joined in this year to conduct a one-week summer camp for children with visual impairments at partnering St. Lucy's School for the Blind, in Philadelphia. This interprofessional effort required students from all CER fields of practice to come together to plan, implement, and evaluate the summer camp, learning from and supporting each other while experiencing the true benefits of interprofessional practice. Leading the learning experience were Emily Vasile, CER instructor, who brought everyone together and created a supported environment for students and preceptors, and Sister Lisa Lettiere, principal of St. Lucy's School for the Blind, who shared the school and its wonderful students with Salus.

Coloring in the LRC:
Want to take a break from the stress of finals and hang out with some celebrities? Well, venture on over to the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and add a little color to your day. There you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in coloring pictures of some of your favorite celebrities. You want to give Mick Jagger pink hair? Go right ahead. Color Angelina Jolie’s lips bright orange? Have at it. Maybe make Jon Bon Jovi’s jacket purple? Cool. Whatever helps take your mind off the books for a moment. “We wanted to do something that was a stress-buster for students that was informal,” said Marietta Dooley, director of the LRC. “Something that they could take a 10-minute break and do on their own.” The LRC will be offering the adult coloring opportunities for the next week or two. Students can stop by, refresh for a few minutes with some coloring, then go back to what they’re doing. And, if you want to show off your masterpiece to everyone else, the LRC would be happy to put your artwork on public display, said Dooley. “Hopefully, some students will find it beneficial,” she said.