Bre Myers, AuD Assistant Professor, Osborne College of Audiology

Dr. Bre Myers - Audiology Program at Salus UniversityThe interesting thing about music is that it could be considered noise to some, but has the ability to move others to tears, striking vibrant memories of years past. At an early age, Dr. Bre Myers acquired a profound love for music and found herself intrigued at how certain songs, sounds, and lyrics could generate such intense feelings in different individuals. Studying the ear appeared to be a natural fit for her. Along the way, she was introduced to vestibular and balance testing, and truly found her calling. “I love all things involving the hearing side of audiology; however, the complexity of the balance and the vestibular system keeps me interested in learning and growing,” she said.

Dr. Myers completed her Doctor of Audiology (AuD) through the first generation AuD bridge program within the Salus University Osborne College of Audiology in 2006. This experience gave her the necessary skills and tools to successfully open her private practice. While she enjoyed treating patients in this individualized setting, she found that ultimately, her goal was to interact with students in academia. Familiar with the University’s mission and vision, she accepted an adjunct faculty position in 2008, noting, “I was excited to join the Audiology program, as it was the online bridge degree program that inspired me and provided the foundation and confidence to open my own practice.” In 2013, she was promoted to assistant professor and enrolled in the University’s PhD program in Biomedicine & Research in order to continue to learn and contribute to the world’s knowledge base.

Currently, Dr. Myers is working on several research projects including her dissertation on the interaction between diverse acoustic stimulus and postural control. Additionally, she is researching the history of noise exposure and its effect on the vestibular system.  For the past few years, she has been involved with the University’s Veteran’s Readiness Initiative; an interdisciplinary screening project between Salus Optometry & Audiology programs focused on identifying veterans currently enrolled in local community colleges who may have underlying sensory impairments affecting their performance and daily lives.

Dr. Bre Myers - Audiology at Salus University
For Dr. Myers, inspiration stems from a personal desire to grow, as she lives by the saying, “Find something you’re passionate about, and keep tremendously interested in it.”  The field of audiology currently faces many challenges – these challenges, coupled with the strong determination to educate the next generation of healthcare providers, are what drive Dr. Myers forward.