“Light in My Life”: Solar Eclipse Viewers Reactions

On August 21, students, faculty and staff members gathered together to witness the historic solar eclipse. Donning their specialized glasses, courtesy of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry dean Dr. Melissa Trego, the crowd turned their gaze to the sky and caught glimpses of the moon crossing in between the sun and the Earth. While only a partial eclipse was visible to the Philadelphia region, the celestial sight was still awe-inspiring.

The date also nicely marked the start of classes for incoming students. Sabrina Steed ’21OD thought the eclipse was incredible to witness, especially with her new classmates.

“It was a great beginning to the class of 2021 because that was our first day; I hope it’s a good omen for things to come,” she said.

Katherine Boas ’19OD said the nationwide excitement surround the eclipse was like nothing she’s seen before. Viewing this rare event was a moment to remember for her.

“Even though we weren't able to see it in totality in Pennsylvania, it was still beautiful and mesmerizing,” she said. “The darkness and coolness that swept over our area during the peak of the eclipse was very unique. Knowing that total solar eclipses happen so infrequently made it even more special, and I am greatly looking forward to traveling with my family to see the next one in totality in 2024.”