What’s the key component to social distancing success? Is it a fully-stocked pantry? Hordes of toilet paper? While both may come in handy, it’s most likely a cache of online resources that will get you through the weeks to come.

Video Conferencing

video conference

Connecting with your team and classmates is essential for productivity, but can be difficult when working remotely. Instead of sending yet another email, why not try one of the free teleconferencing programs below?

If you miss Salus, try one of our virtual backgrounds and you'll feel like you're right back on campus.

Physical & Mental Health

sensory gardenNow more than ever it’s important to practice self-care, both physically and mentally. Whether that means getting some fresh air, virtual work outs or speaking with one of our counselors, it can help you cope during the pandemic.

Arts & Leisure

woman reading tabletGet your daily dose of culture even when you can’t leave the house! From museum tours to concerts to movie nights, these sites make staying in the new going out.

Kids Activities

kid with painted handsWith schools closed for the foreseeable future, a lot of students, faculty, and staff have pint-sized colleagues at home. Luckily, there are plenty of online resources available to keep the kiddos not only occupied, but educated as well.
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