Post-Professional Doctorate in Occupational Therapy
Salus University is excited to launch a Post-professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program this fall for those interested in advancing their career and already have a master's of science degree in occupational therapy.

The program will be offered as a 16-month or 27-month program and will be based primarily online. Students will also be required to attend two one-week residency courses during at the University’s Elkins Park campus for hands-on and community-based learning.

“This program will prepare occupational therapists to become academics, advanced content experts, or leaders in their clinical setting or community,” Fern Silverman, director of the doctoral program, said.

Students enrolled in the OTD program will also be able to choose one of three specialty tracks that reflect unique cutting-edge areas of OT including: Low Vision Rehabilitation, Remedial Vision Rehabilitation: Pediatrics and Acquired Brain, and Injury Health and Wellness. These specialty track certifications can be earned in addition to the degree or alone. These certifications require two additional online courses as well as another two weeks of on-campus residency training.

Both the OTD and specialty track course offerings will launch in fall 2016, with another start date in January 2017.

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