National PA Week takes place each year from October 6–12 to celebrate the profession and its contributions to the nation’s health. Before it was a weeklong event, National PA Day was first celebrated on October 6, 1987, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the first graduating class of PAs from the Duke University PA program. 

In celebration of PA Week we talked with some of our own Physician Assistant students. 

PA Week - Nicole ArdisNicole Ardis, PA '17

Why did you decide to go into the PA profession? 
Growing up in a family full of health care providers, I've had a strong desire to help those in need. I wanted to contribute to decreasing the healthcare disparities in our nation and felt like this was my calling. 


PA Week - Craig JacksonCraig Jackson, PA '17

Why did you choose Salus University? 
I chose Salus for a variety of reasons: the PA program teaches students about the human body in great detail through the use of the cadaver lab, the first-time PANCE pass scores are great, and the faculty and staff are very welcoming. 

Sonja Julian, PA '17

What is the best thing about being a PA student at Salus University? 

The class is really close and the faculty genuinely care about us succeeding. This is something really special about the PA program at Salus.

PA Week - Sonja & Jordan

Jordan Cormier, PA '17

Why did you decide to become a PA? 

I decided to become a physician assistant because I enjoy learning about the medical field and have a desire to help others in need. I believe the education at Salus will provide me with the knowledge to fulfill my goals in working in orthopedics.

Leonine Djine, PA '15

PA Week - Leonine

Why did you decide to attend Salus University's PA program? 

Salus is quite unique. From the small community to the family atmosphere, I definitely feel like I'm a person and not simply a number. The program at Salus is challenging 
yet fun. 

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