Salus Partners with Seton Hill University to Offer Two Articulation Agreements

Salus Partners with Seton Hill University to Offer Two Articulation Agreements
Salus University’s Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) and Osborne College of Audiology (OCA) have partnered with Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pa. to offer articulation agreements for highly motivated pre-optometry and pre-audiology students.

The 4+4 Doctor of Audiology program is a historic landmark for both universities. As the first and only college of audiology in the United States, OCA’s agreement with Seton Hill is the University’s first-ever articulation agreement with a baccalaureate program of audiology.

“We are excited about this new agreement with Seton Hill, an institution that shares our commitment to training future audiologists,” said Dr. Radhika Aravamudhan, OCA interim dean. “We look forward to working in partnership with Seton Hill to provide students with the education and preparation they require to ensure they are uniquely qualified to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with hearing and balance disorders.”

The 4+4 Program allows qualified Seton Hill University students who have completed the pre-audiology program of study to enter OCA’s program. Under the new agreement, OCA reserves two seats specifically for qualified Seton Hill students. OCA focuses on providing students with a biomedical science background, an extensive clinical education and a thorough training in practice management. Students who matriculate into the program will have had more than 2,500 hours of clinical experience, working with patients from pediatric to elderly populations, by the time they enter the profession.

“Seton Hill University continues to look for academic programs and partnerships that both meet the needs of students and provide critical services to residents in the Pittsburgh region and beyond,” said Mary C. Finger, EdD, Seton Hill University president. “Audiology is among the fastest growing professions in the country, and, as our population ages, more and more of these healthcare professionals will be needed. With more than 40 percent of Seton Hill undergraduates majoring in Health Sciences, the University is excited to work with Salus University to provide yet another opportunity for Seton Hill students to continue their education.”

Salus PCO also partnered with Seton Hill in a 3+4 Doctor of Optometry agreement. This program will offer students who have completed 90 semester credit prerequisites with a 3.0 GPA or higher by their third year to apply for admission to PCO’s Doctor of Optometry four-year degree program.

PCO interim dean Dr. Melissa Trego believes the arrangement provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students.

Salus Partners with Seton Hill University
"We are excited about this new agreement with Seton Hill University, an institution that shares our commitment to training the future practitioners of primary healthcare," said Dr. Trego. “By offering motivated students the ability to complete their undergraduate degree in three years, we are able to provide qualified students with the opportunity to begin their Doctor of Optometry education a full year earlier than the traditional route.”

With this new articulation agreement, students will have the opportunity to apply and potentially interview during their third year. If admitted, they would start what would be their traditional fourth year of undergraduate studies at Salus PCO as first year optometry students. Upon completion of their first year at Salus, they will receive their undergraduate degree and their professional degree after their completion of the Salus optometry program.

Seton Hill provost Susan Yochum, SC, PhD, thinks the partnership is a good fit for the universities as they share similar educational philosophies.

“Seton Hill University is pleased to partner with Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Like Seton Hill, Salus University's commitment to innovative student learning is paramount. Our partnership will provide Seton Hill students interested in optometry with an extraordinary venue to attain their educational and career goals,” said Susan Yochum, SC, PhD, Seton Hill’s provost. “Seton Hill’s growing programs in the health sciences and the University’s affiliations with leading medical programs such as Salus University illustrate Seton Hill’s dedication to training healthcare practitioners of the future.”