Three current PhD students recently participated in an annual conference at King Saud University (KSU) in Saudi Arabia, as part of that university’s External Joint Supervision Program (EJSP). The program enables Saudi female lecturers and demonstrators to earn graduate degrees from distinguished international universities.

The students and their presentations are: Manal Al-Harbi, “The Use of Binocular Therapy versus Patching to Treat Amblyopia in Children age 9 < 18”; Noura Aldossary, “Home Based Vision Screening for Preschool Children in Saudi Arabia” and Wafa Al-Otaibi, “Assessment of the Latest Techniques Used to Diagnose and Treat Keratoconus among Saudi Population”. The three women are the first KSU students to enroll in the Salus PhD program. All three participants, who lecture in optometry at KSU, were in agreement that the experience of introducing their research to the faculty of their department gained each of them valuable feedback that has proven beneficial.

The purpose of the EJSP at King Saud University is to bring each female learner’s research, learning, and  innovative capabilities to the fore, with the intent to eventually empower them to participate with distinction in varied scientific fields.

Biomedicine students Wafa Al-Otaibi, Noura Aldossary and Manal Al-Harbi