Smoke Free Campus SignOn June 1, Salus University implemented a smoke-free policy for its campuses. Salus is one of 11 smoke-free universities in Pennsylvania. Along with the ban on cigarette smoking, the use of e-cigarettes and all tobacco products will also not be allowed on campus property, both indoors and outdoors.

“The health and well-being of  our students, faculty and staff is the highest priority for Salus University,” said Dr. Michael H. Mittelman, president.

Mittelman said the use of tobacco products and cigarettes on the University’s campuses does not adhere to its commitment to teaching and practicing medicine, and contradicts assurance of  “innovative education, research and service to enhance health.”

New signs have been put up around campus to make the students, faculty, staff and visitors aware of the smoke-free policy. According to Dr. Mittelman, there will not be “smoking police” or designated individuals seeking out those in violation of the policy, however, if students and faculty members are found smoking on campus they will be asked to cease and desist by campus security.

Additionally, this ban extends to The Eye Institute which has three locations including East Oak Lane, Chestnut Hill and East Falls, but it will also prohibit smoking for companies located on Salus University’s main campus in Elkins Park. Merrill Lynch, the United States Social Security Administration and Temple Health who rent office space on the main campus are expected to concede to the policy.

Anyone struggling to quit smoking may have the opportunity to receive help from the University. “If any of our employees at the University who are smokers feel like they need to get some help, we’ll get them help,” Mittelman said. “That’s part of what we do with our human resources program here at the university.”

According to the CDC, over 16 million Americans live with a disease caused by smoking. As the leading cause of preventable death, the University felt it was an important step as a health science teaching and clinical institution to implement a smoke-free policy. The elimination of cigarette use on the University’s campuses will also decrease the amount of people exposed to secondhand smoke.

The smoke-free policy represents Salus University’s dedication to improving health and welfare locally and to communities worldwide.

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