Timothy Brown, OD '10 and Sherita Seward Brown, OD '10

Salus Young Alumni: Timothy & Sherita BrownCollege sweethearts Tim Brown and Sherita Seward came to PCO from their native South Carolina. Handling optometry school can be daunting enough without any added distractions, but these two student leaders also managed a wedding, a class presidency (Tim), several part-time jobs, founded a new chapter of a student organization (OASC –Optometric Association for the Support of Children), held active memberships in several other student organizations, won the PCO Eyedol talent contest (Sherita) and had two children – all before graduating in 2010!

Life after commencement has not slowed its pace nor kept this couple from beinginvolved in their children’s schools and their church. Daughter Tycianna is now eightand Timothy III, TJ, is six. Both Doctors Brown practice full-time. After working in a private practice since graduation and specializing in vision therapy, Dr. Sherita Brown expected to open her own practice at the end of March (Editor’s note: Dr. Brown opened Insight Family Eye Care in Augusta, GA in June). In addition to practicing at Tippett Eye Care in Augusta, GA, Dr. Tim Brown is also a leader with Avon, as he consistently expands his own “Team Consistency,” and garners recognition for his success within that organization.

When asked how work/life balance is achieved, Dr. Sherita Brown says with a smile,“The secret is that there really is no secret. We are big on our faith. The only way we are able to balance everything is through God’s help and much
prayer.” She adds, “Communication is also key, since Tim and I are both
pretty busy. We have to be able to communicate well to ensure that
our schedules don’t conflict with family engagements and other important activities.”

Dr. Tim Brown notes, “Realize that a day in optometry is filled with unexpected situations – either with patient care, staff, or personal issues. You have to gear the mind to push through the distractions, challenges, disappointments, and
things that can try to knock you off track.”

When asked what advice theymight have for new graduates, Dr. Sherita Brown says, “… know your worth when it comes to considering job offers and don’t be
afraid to negotiate even though you may be fresh out of school.” She advises, “Be confident in yourself and go after any goals that you have set for yourself and don’t let anything deter you from them.” Dr. Tim Brown adds, “Your talents, knowledge, and skills are great… but don’t forget to reach back and be a guide to
someone else. Provide uplift. Learn to see things from a different perspective so that you are able to work well with a variety of people from different backgrounds, attitudes, and personalities. Never forget to enjoy your career and enjoy life.” With their strong faith, commitment to family and positive outlook, Drs. Tim and Sherita Brown are clear on their priorities and where they are going.