Salus University has partnered with Widener University to offer a certificate in Healthcare Management program for both students and alumni.

The online four-course, 12-credit program is expected to accommodate up to 10 students and is scheduled to kick off in the fall of this year.

Students studying“We listened to students and alumni, heard their stories and tried to get a sense of what they need and what they’re looking for, what gaps need to be filled in,” said Ryan Hollister, MS, associate director of the Bennett Career Services Center at Salus. “We have a tremendous curriculum and clinical training here at the institution, but there’s not always time to address some of the more in-depth practice/business management concepts. Many graduates that are between one and five years out of school, they’ve started their careers, they’re working professionally, and they’re saying now is the time. I’m thinking about joining or buying a private practice, now is when I need this information. Now is when I wish I had – or I want to start learning – the business side of things.”

Among the reasons for applying to the Healthcare Management Certificate Program offered by Widener University to Salus students and alumni include:
  • The program has been custom-designed to meet the skill needs and interests expressed by Salus alumni and students.
  • Courses in this program will enable students to develop a range of critical practice management skills. Those completing the program will graduate with a portfolio of business, financial, and leadership competencies that are key to launching, managing and growing all healthcare and rehabilitation practices.
  • Widener’s School of Business Administration is the only school in this region that offers programs accredited by both the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). These premier business and healthcare management accreditations are independent verifications of the distinctive quality and prestige of the program.
  • Unlike the typical “training/certification” programs in the market, graduates of this program will receive an official transcript from Widener University. All certificate courses are transferable into Widener’s prestigious and widely recognized MBA program.
  • Widener is offering a 50 percent tuition discount to Salus students and alumni who enroll in the program. It’s a total cost savings of more than $6,000. Those who opt to transfer certificate courses to the Salus-Widener MBA program will earn a 30 percent discount for all the other MBA courses. The program is unique in that students can take all the didactic work online and then once during each course – four times during the length of the program – there is an onsite meeting where Widener instructors will come to Salus University’s Elkins Park, Pa. campus.
Two students in class“That kind of hybrid design will allow for interprofessional education and discussion-based classes. Also, we plan to schedule those on-campus sessions to take place on weekends that we hold continuing education events on campus,” said Hollister. “We tried to work around all the schedules. If we have doctors who are coming back for continuing education on a Saturday, they stay that evening or an extra day for their Widener class.”

According to Hollister, part of what students will experience in the classes is not just practice management and owning and operating a business, but also what it means to be an entrepreneurial thinker.

“What is that skill set and how can that be utilized for a practice owner or an employee,” he said. “Entrepreneurship is something that’s highly valued amongst employers across the board. It’s a skill set that really brings value to an organization. Even as an employee, you don’t have to be the business owner to bring that skill set with you.”

The course is not only for optometry students and alumni, though. It’s open to any student in any program.

“All of these professions are experiencing a lot of change, a lot of growth,” he said. “There are opportunities in all of them to take advantage of an opportunity like this.”

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