Smoke Free Campus Sign

President Michael H. Mittelman announced that all Salus campuses and facilities will be smoke free effective June 1. "The health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff is the highest priority for Salus University," he noted, explaining further, "Smoking inside and within certain distances of our buildings has been prohibited for quite some time now. The University is taking the next step to extend the smoke-free policy to include all facilities, grounds and parking areas on all campuses - whether leased or owned."

The University policy will rely on self-enforcement and voluntary compliance, much like the current no smoking area policy, and there are no plans to have "smoke police." Rather, the university will "maintain its friendly, respectful environment," Dr. Mittelman said, adding, "whether smokers or non-smokers, the campus community will demonstrate thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation as we work together to successfully implement this campus-wide policy."