Summer Workshops: Expanding Audiologists’ Clinical Skills

Summer Workshops: Expanding Audiologists’ Clinical Skills
Each summer, Salus University Osborne College of Audiology hosts a two-part series of summer workshops for practicing audiologists to further enhance their clinical knowledge and provide hands-on training in some of the latest tools and technology. This year’s summer workshops included the Diagnosis and Management of External and Middle Ear Function, Cerumen Management, and An Advanced Update on Hearing Aid Technology and Clinical Best Practices for 2017.

Many workshop attendees are international clinicians who are advancing their education through the University’s Doctor of Audiology (AuD) Online Bridge Program. In some countries, a master’s degree is the highest level of education required to practice as an audiologist, but the AuD degree allows interested practitioners to deepen their clinical skillset and expand their scope of practice. Since 2007, the AuD degree has been the standard for entry-level practice in the US, according to the American Academy of Audiology.

Summer Workshops at Salus University
Nitish Srigiri ’17AuD, an audiologist in India, said the AuD Online Bridge Program and the Summer Workshops proved a huge asset to the expansion of his clinical knowledge.

“I finished my master’s in audiology a couple of years back,” he said. “The Bridge Program has allowed me to continue working and also learn on the side. This program covers a lot about audiology updates and about what audiology is today. This was the best step I could have taken when it comes to understanding the future of audiology.”

Francia Marais ’19AuD from New Zealand agreed the program has been a truly enlightening experience and will impact her professional practice in the future

“I am learning from people at the top of their game who know exactly what is going on in their field,” she said. “Because it’s an international program, it's interesting and helpful to learn about the subtle differences in countries and their different perspectives.”

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