Celebrating World Optometry Week

Maya PanchalCelebrated annually on March 23, World Optometry Day officially kicked off World Optometry Week - created to increase awareness about Optometry – the healthcare profession that involves examining the eyes and visual systems for defects or abnormalities – as well as optometrists.

We asked current Salus Pennsylvania College of Optometry students for thoughts on their chosen profession as part of the celebration: 

“Of all the five senses, to me, sight is the most important,” Maya Panchal ‘21OD said. ”People often take their vision for granted. I am proud to be pursuing a profession that promotes eye care and the prevention of premature vision loss.” - Maya Panchal OD ‘21

Untitled-design-(1).jpg"The eye, itself, is a piece of art. It can tell us so much about the health of the front and back of the eye and further, we can assess/diagnose systemic conditions in the least invasive way possible. It is a rewarding experience to practice optometry and treat/prevent vision changes to make the lives of others a whole lot clearer,” Mohit Batra ‘21OD said.

Maura Nolan

“My interest in optometry started back when I was six-years-old,” Maura Nolan ‘21OD said. “That Christmas, my sister accidentally steered an electronic toy helicopter propeller through my left eye. I had to go to the ER but everything was fine! Ever since then I was fascinated with eyes and how something like that could happen with no consequence - for me - my sister was grounded.”

Sonia Panchal

“Optometry is more than just refracting and prescribing glasses and contacts,” Sonia Panchal ‘21OD said. “I’m excited to enter this profession not only to give someone the best vision they can have, but to manage their conditions and provide them with the eye care they deserve. The eyes are truly a window to the soul!”