How’s the Salus community handling the transition to remote learning and working? We asked for your workstation pics, productivity hacks and organizational tips while you practice social distancing, and here’s what you had to say.

Alan Kabat, OD '90, FAAO
Professor of Optometry

This is new to me, but a friend from industry who works from home quite often posted these tips on Facebook:
  1. Get your workout done first. Otherwise you'll get sucked into email etc. and it won't happen. 
  2. Stand up and walk around for any meetings you can that don't require the laptop/screen. 
  3. Stay hydrated. 
  4. Stick to a regular meal plan and avoid snacking all day. 
  5. Take breaks just like you would at the office. 6. Quit working at a reasonable hour and resume your life.

Joan Wolff, MLS
Learning Resource Center Services, Librarian

I'm lucky to have a comfortable office in my home and am able to be very productive (Photo #1), even when my little helper is around (Photo #2)!

cat on deskhome office

We may not be in the Learning Resource Center, but the staff is working for students and faculty to get them resources they need.

desk with catCharlie Frank, MS
Database and Systems Administrator

Moving this Saturday, so trying to keep as much of this up as possible, but the walls are looking a bit empty! My new coworker is not nearly as helpful as my old coworkers, but she is still great company.

Andrew Meagher, OD '15, Resident '16, FAAO
Assistant Professor of Optometry

For organization I've made a folder and subfolders dedicated to every area I am responsible for (see attached), compiled in folders on my laptop useful past lectures to use for online and made sure I won’t be running out of coffee any time soon!

email folder organizationdesk with window view
My workstation has a view outside so I don't feel too stir crazy during these secluded times with a picture attached.

chinchillaMarietta Dooley, MSLIS
Learning Resource Center Services, Director

I wanted to share one of my home office assistants! This is Moonbeam the chinchilla. She’s almost 5 years old, and I adopted her right after I first came to Salus (my anniversary is the end of May). 

She swears she is helping, and wants to remind everyone that the LRC staff is here to help you with research and articles. 

I hope we brighten everyone’s day a little bit during this new and trying experience for us all.

home officeEmily Vasile, MS '16, MAT, TVI, CLVT
National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities, Coordinator
Instructor, College of Education and Rehabilitation

Here’s my work from home office!

I live in an apartment less than 500 sq ft., so I’ve had to divide my kitchen table in half - one side for eating and one side as my WFH office!


CPPD counselingTamara April-Davis, PsyD
CPPD Counselor

CPPD counselors works from home!



desk and dog

Kaitlyn Kozell, '23OD
First-Year Optometry Student

This is my home office, and my study partner Dorian.

Kimberly Edmonds, MS, CCC-SLP
Clinical Educator

I set up a virtual preschool studio to stay in touch with families from the Department of Speech-Language Pathology's classroom at Immaculate Conception Preschool. Unfortunately, my new student clinicians tend to fall asleep on the job.

preschool studiopreschool studio