What is the Occupational Therapy Institute (OTI) you ask? Well, a little over a year ago, OTI, the on-site clinical facility for the University’s Department of Occupational Therapy, officially opened for patient care and to serve as the clinical training site for OT students. Located within The Eye Institute (TEI), OTI is the University’s newest clinical facility joining TEI, the Pennsylvania Ear Institute and the Speech-Language Institute.  

OTIAmong 12 local, east coast schools and some of the program’s biggest competitors, Salus boasts the only program with an on-site clinical facility, which sets it apart. Since opening, OTI has made contributions to the community through direct patient care, educational programs, and local event participation. They have completed 168 visits, both in person and telehealth, averaging 6-9 patient visits per week and provided seven educational programs for pediatrics and adults.

Occupational therapy (OT) as a profession focuses on the patient and individualized therapy aimed at creating, maintaining or regaining independence for clients. OTs are skilled at assessing the client, their environment and supports and barriers that limit or challenge their ability to complete their daily activities.

OTs work with children, adults, families and caregivers/care-partners and can support individuals with a variety of diagnoses, injuries, and chronic health conditions. For more information or upcoming news about OTI, visit SalusUhealth.com/OTI.