Salus University continuously updates its COVID-19 guidelines to inform and assist the University community.

Updated 1/22/2021, 8:40 a.m. 
COVID-19 Testing Dashboard
Return to Learn Testing (As of Thursday, January 21, 2021)
Negative Positive
825 14
Self-Reported Testing: Last 14 Days Update (As of Thursday, January 21, 2021)
Negative Positive
3 7
Self-Reported Testing: Semester Totals (Since January 4, 2021)
Negative Positive
3 11

Self-Reported Testing figures represent those individuals who, due to an inability to successfully complete the campus access screening process, sought private COVID-19 testing. Isolation, self-quarantining and private COVID-19 testing is utilized to clear infected (actual or probable) individuals for a return to campus.
Summary of Update History
January 8
Vaccination Information

December 8
Return to Learn Testing

October 28
CARES Act Institutional Funds

October 23
Salus Safety Strategy updated for CDC's revised Close Contact definition

September 8
COVID-19 testing

July 20
Salus Safety Strategy

June 25
Protocols extended for balance of the summer semester and updated to include on-campus printing  

June 24
Fit testing of N95 masks

June 22
COVID-19 symptom check

June 15
Fall semester on-campus operations

May 28
Yellow Phase operations

May 22
PA program protocols

May 13
Essential personnel screening and protocol

April 22
CARES Act student funds

April 9
Prospective student letters

April 6
Spring commencement details update

April 3
Clinics assisting emergency patients

March 26
Spring commencement details update

March 23
Per Governor Wolf’s mandate, Salus campus and clinics closed until further notice

March 20
Food pantries in the region for students in need

March 17
Spring Commencement will be held virtually on May 22

March 16
Externships cancelled/continued as notified by individual program

March 12 (p.m.)
Per Governor Wolf’s mandate, Salus campus and clinics closed effective March 13

March 12 (a.m.)
Didactic instruction moved online effective March 16

March 10
University-related travel and meeting restrictions enacted

March 5
Salus University’s initial COVID-19 Guidelines announced

Vaccination Information

If you have received a COVID-19 vaccination, please report that information here.

Salus Safety Strategy: COVID-19

Effective August 24, 2020, we are planning to resume the majority of our on-campus operations in accordance with the Salus Safety Strategy. Highlights of our strategy include:

  • Didactic classroom instruction (lectures) conducted in alternative formats with individual programs and their students selecting from a variety of modalities including, face-to-face, remote (live and on-demand) and blended offerings.
  • Laboratory and clinical instruction conducted face-to-face either on campus, at our clinical facilities or at externship sites.
  • Operating our clinics at reduced patient capacities.
  • Daily screening and temperature checks upon entrance to our facilities. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to complete the Salus Sign On to expedite their screening. The requirement to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth when at our facilities.
  • De-densifying our facilities to allow for physical distancing. Providing personal protective equipment to our students and faculty engaged in laboratory and clinical instruction where physical distancing is not possible.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures.
  • Limiting the size of on-campus events.
  • The suspension of all University-sponsored travel by any means of transportation (please note that this restriction does not include commuting).
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Sources of Information

Salus Specific


Return to Learn Testing

All students, laboratory and clinical educators, clinical patient staff and security officers will be required to be tested for COVID-19 prior to their return to campus or our clinics in January following winter break. Any students not scheduled to be on campus in January, didactic faculty and the balance of our staff will not be required to be tested. In addition, anyone who previously tested positive during the fall semester will not be required to be tested.

Our testing partner is Vault Health who offers an at-home COVID-19 PCR test. Salus will cover the testing costs.

On or about December 21st, students will receive an email with an individual link for ordering their test kits. Required faculty and staff will be able to pick up their test kits at the security desk when they enter the Elkins Park campus or their clinic from December 14th through December 22nd. Please note that an unopened test kit will not spoil, so you need not schedule your test immediately after pick up. Instead follow the timing guide below.

When you are ready to take your test, you will schedule a Zoom call with a Vault Health professional. During the Zoom call, you will use your test kit to collect saliva. Then you will return the test via pre-paid overnight mail to Vault Health. Test results will be communicated to you and Salus 48-72 hours after receipt by Vault Health. A negative test result will be required to access campus or the clinics. Any positive tests will be followed up by medical professionals and Salus. Each test kit will include detailed instructions.  

From the time you take your test until you receive your results will take between 4 and 6 days, so you will need to plan to take your test early enough (but no more than 14 days) before your scheduled return to campus or a clinic.

Unfortunately, our testing partner is not set up to ship these biological samples internationally. So our Canadian students have two options:

  1. Order your test kit to your US off-campus address near Salus. Return to this address 4-6 days prior to your first scheduled date of instruction. Schedule, take and return your test from this address.
  2. Obtain your own test in Canada no more than 14 days prior to your first scheduled date of instruction and email the results to  

Questions about the testing process itself (ordering, scheduling, shipping, results, etc.) should be directed to Vault Health at 212-880-5494,

Please contact Pandemic Safety Officer, Brian Zuckerman with any other questions.

Individual Action

COVID-19 PosterOur protocols are designed to reduce the risk of exposure, but the contagious nature of COVID-19 means we cannot eliminate all risk of infection. Everyone must also do their part and follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19.

We want to implore that if you or a family member is sick, or has been exposed to someone who is sick, STAY HOME and contact your health provider. Any absence that is related to illness (including as a caretaker or childcare) will be excused for students and excused and paid for faculty and staff. 

Any individual with a confirmed case of COVID-19 is asked to report this information to Human Resources (faculty/staff) or Student Affairs (students).

COVID-19 Symptom Check; Testing

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and would like to speak to a healthcare provider, we have arranged for you to be able to do so through Jefferson Health’s JeffConnect. You can either download the app from the App Store (Apple) or on Google Play (Android) or access it from your web browser at JeffConnect. After you register, you can schedule a telehealth appointment. If warranted, the Jefferson provider will arrange for you to be tested at one of Jefferson’s mobile test sites. Subject to applicable co-pays, the health insurance coverage (students, faculty and staff) offered by Salus University covers the telehealth visit and any ordered testing. If you maintain other health insurance coverage, please check with your carrier.

If you are seeking testing due to close contact (within six feet for 15 or more minutes) with an individual with COVID-19, in addition to the Jefferson Health sites, Montgomery County is running six sites (Willow Grove is the closest location to campus) and provides information about additional testing sites here. In addition, Phoenixville Hospital is offering testing through its emergency department. Upon arrival, call 610-983-1222 for further instructions. The University may (but depending on the circumstances may NOT) accept a negative PCR test, in lieu of self-quarantine, to access campus following close contact. Negative antigen or antibody tests will not be considered.

CARES Act Student Funds

Through the CARES Act, the Department of Education (DOE) made a limited amount of funds available for Title IV eligible (US residents, enrolled in on-campus degree-granting program) students to reimburse them for expenses related to disruptions to your educations due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The deadline for any eligible student who had incurred expenses related to our campus closure and transition to online instruction to submit a request for funds was May 31, 2020. After reviewing all submissions and taking into account the limited amount of total funds received by the University for distribution, the University’s grant committee determined to distribute an award to all eligible students who submitted a request by the deadline. Awards were also made to certain class of 2020 students who had their expected graduation delayed. All grantees received an email detailing the amount of their award and how to access it. Additional funds may be made available by the DOE in the future. Full details regarding the University’s grant distribution can be found here. Please contact with any questions.

CARES Act Institutional Funds

Through the CARES Act, the Department of Education (DOE) made an additional amount of funds available to Salus University. The required quarterly reporting regarding the awarding and expenditure of these funds can be found here.  


Please direct any questions or concerns to Brian Zuckerman, Pandemic Safety Officer, 215.780.1281 (office), 267.879.8597 (mobile). The University’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak is being coordinated by President Mittelman and our Crisis Management Team.