President Michael H. MittelmanA tradition of leadership, excellence and innovation in the delivery of healthcare embodies the history of Salus University’s founding college, the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. From its establishment in 1919 through today, this institution has set the standard for health, education, and rehabilitation professionals, advancing their scope of practice and maintaining and continually expanding its focus on academics, while acquiring a distinguished record of firsts, particularly in optometry.

Our commitment to preparing highly skilled professionals ensures the University consistently provides the highest level of education for all of our specialties, positioning our graduates as future leaders and state-of-the-art providers who will be at the forefront of their professions.

Student education at each of the University’s three colleges speaks to the many aspects of this century’s growing need to promote the health and well-being throughout society. Through our innovative curricula, the University offers a broad-based, interdisciplinary clinical education, presenting our students with a wide range of challenging primary care opportunities. Well-known for our excellent clinical education, our commitment to clinical training presented early in the program has provided an advantage for Salus University students when the externship placement process begins.

The future of the health professions is dynamic. Advancements in technology, unimaginable in the past, have become standard practice today. Changes in the nation’s healthcare delivery system are significantly altering every facet of our diversified medical fields. The mission of Salus University concentrates not only on keeping pace with these rapidly expanding areas but, more importantly, setting national trends and standards and being the leader in providing the nation’s top health, education, and rehabilitation professionals.

Our success as an institution derives from combining bright, motivated students with outstanding, world-class faculty, excellent facilities and creative, diverse learning opportunities. Your interest in the University indicates a desire to enter a profession currently experiencing unprecedented growth and development. I encourage you to join the Salus University family. The challenges will be great, but the rewards will be many.

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Michael H. Mittelman, OD ’80, MPH, MBA, FAAO, FACHE