Hear what our alumni have to say about the Salus University Blindness and Low Vision programs:

"Salus BLVS department has enhanced me professionally and personally. The BLVS department molds their students to become vision professionals who advocate for the clients that they serve. The students learn how to partner with local services to ensure that visually impaired clients receive all services necessary to lead a holistic lifestyle. In the BLVS program, the professors are knowledgeable, the classes are small, the clinical experiences are rewarding, and you gain the knowledge needed to be successful in the field of vision. Salus professors are great and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you understand how to effectively enrich the lives of children and adults with vision impairments. I am one of the many graduates that returned to the program to further their education as a vision professional. I graduated from the VRT program in 2005 and I returned in 2019 to complete my certification to become a Teacher of the Visually Impaired. My personal experience at Salus has been a rewarding experience. In all my professional and personal interaction, I am proud to say that I am a graduate of Salus University graduate studies program."


"What stood out to me as a student in the Orientation and Mobility BLVS Program at Salus was how much the directors really cared about their students. They always made time to answer any questions or concerns that I had throughout my time in the program. This was especially true while completing my internship during the global pandemic. They are extremely compassionate and want to see us succeed - not only for our future careers, but for the future clients we will serve as professionals in the field."


Neurological Visual Impairment in Children (NVI) Course Testimonials