Curriculum Overview

The comprehensive curriculum covers the anatomy and physiology of the vestibular system, pathologies of the vestibular system, detailed review of evidence-based assessment, rehabilitation and management for persons with vestibular and balance disorders for both pediatric and adult populations, models and procedures to set up a specialized Vestibular Sciences and Disorders clinic, review of case studies and clinical problems and solutions in vestibular pathology from various clinics, and professional issues relating to public health, ethical and medical concerns and medical concerns as well as reimbursement for these services.


Anatomy and Physiology of the Vestibular System
Darren Whelan, MS

Pathologies of the Vestibular System
Bre Myers, AuD, PhD

Basic Vestibular Diagnostics
Bre Myers, AuD, PhD

Advanced Vestibular Diagnostics
Jamie Bogle, AuD, PhD

Pediatric Vestibular Assessment
Violette Lavender, AuD

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Therapy
Jennifer Gonzalez, AuD, PhD