Clinicians and Patient

Salus University has long recognized the importance of early clinical education, the integration of clinical and basic sciences, and the use of innovative technologies.

The University’s founding college, the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, was the first school or college of optometry in the country to adopt this holistic approach, and our audiology and physician assistant programs were created with that same philosophy in mind.

Clinical concepts and skills training begin in the first semester of the first year, followed by an expedited entry into patient care experiences and a significantly expanded clinical training program. The Pennsylvania Ear Institute (PEI), located on the main campus, is the clinical facility for our audiology students. This state of the art clinic provides both clinical education for students and comprehensive audiology services to pediatric and adult patients that includes:

  • comprehensive hearing and balance assessment protocols for pediatric and adult populations
  • basic diagnostic audiometry, auditory processing assessment
  • provision of hearing aid amplification and assistive listening devices
  • audiologic and vestibular rehabilitation

The Audiology degree program at Salus University offers a strong biomedical foundation, one of the few in the nation to do so. We ensure that our Audiology students are provided with the most expansive clinical experiences in audiological education. The University's promotion of the interdisciplinary integration of basic and clinical courses, aligned with the immediate introduction of clinical concepts and skills during the first term of the first year, result in an unparalleled early clinical exposure that provides our students with an expedited entry into our externship program. The exceptional clinical education received by our students prepares each of them to assume a leadership role in the delivery of comprehensive audiology services to their community.