As part of an academic community, our Occupational Therapy program is dedicated to learning, discovery, engagement and impact.

We seek to inspire students to become caring and competent occupational therapists who respect the need for lifelong learning and who value the unique synergies possible in an inter-professional approach. The education of future occupational therapists reinforces utilization of inter-professional evidence-based strategies and contribution to the development of new knowledge, supporting the use of occupation and the improvement of professional knowledge and skills.

Mission of the College of Health Sciences, Education and Rehabilitation
The College of Health Sciences, Education and Rehabilitation is committed to offering programs grounded in evidence-based research and practice, and interprofessional education to prepare students to become competent professionals dedicated to promoting the health, well-being and education of the individuals and the communities they serve.

Mission of the American Occupational Therapy Association

Occupational Therapy Programs Vision

Salus University Occupational Therapy graduates:

  • Use science-based knowledge, guided by our time-honored values, to demonstrate our contribution to meeting societal needs and to justify services through the use of evidence and data, confirming the efficacy of occupational therapy.
  • Possess the competencies to hold leadership roles in healthcare delivery systems and are active in policymaking, relevant to needs assessment and program development that address society’s occupational needs.
  • Are experts in communicating the value of our services, including the articulation of clear, compelling images of occupational therapy services and the use of consumer friendly language.
  • Contribute to a globally connected and diverse inter-professional workforce and develop a network of resources and links to other professionals to form new alliances, locally and globally.

Occupational Therapy Programs Mission

The mission of the Salus University Occupational Therapy program is to provide an inter-professional academic experience that is grounded in the core principles of occupation and influenced by emerging knowledge and technologies, leading to improved health and well-being for the individuals, communities, and populations that graduates will serve.