Hear what our alumni have to say about the Salus University Speech-Language Pathology program:

"I was really well prepared in my undergrad to go to Salus. And then I thought my supervisors at the clinic were awesome. Bob Serianni (SLP chair and program director) has so many connections with so many different schools that he was able to place me exactly where I wanted to be in order to be ready to get a job in the medical field after school. That was really helpful." - Rachel

"The intimacy of the small environment and really getting to know and have relationships with the faculty and the Salus community was important. When I went for the interview and the tour, I just knew it was where I wanted to be. It was exactly the environment I wanted to be in to start my profession." - Amanda

"The SLP program was new when I started, but the University already had a good reputation of offering a full and in-depth experience. But Salus stood out for me because of its interprofessional collaboration. It uses that interprofessional collaboration to its fullest extent during our course studies." - Caitlin