Salus University has teamed with other universities to acknowledge their commitment to the training of future practitioners of primary healthcare by joining in an articulation agreement.

3+2 Physician Assistant Program

Affiliate Undergrad PA ProgramWestern New England University

Under the joint agreement, up to four select undergraduate students from Western New England University (WNE), who successfully complete specific core course requirements, may continue their education in physician assistant studies at Salus University in the 3+2 degree program of study.

Those selected for the 3+2 degree program will complete the first three years of the Pre-Physician Assistant Studies Curriculum at WNE, which consists of 100 semester hours of undergraduate education, including prerequisites. Candidates must maintain good standing with a GPA of 3.7 or above.* The next two years will be completed at Salus University in the Physician Assistant Studies program. The student is awarded a Bachelor's degree by WNE upon the successful completion of the first year at Salus and a Master of Medical Science degree by Salus University at the conclusion of the graduate degree program.

*Agreement requirements were amended in February 2020. Students who began their studies at WNE prior to the Fall 2021 semester are grandfathered into the WNE catalog conditions under which they were admitted.

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4+2 Physician Assistant Program

Under a 4+2 Articulation Agreement, students who successfully complete the 120 semester credit Pre-Physician Assistant curriculum at a participating undergraduate institution and meet all admissions requirements, according to each individual agreement, may apply for admission to the Salus University Physician Assistant Master of Medical Science degree program.

This educational pathway is referred to as the 4+2 Degree Program and is comprised of two phases, Phase I and Phase II:

  • Phase I is comprised of the Pre-Physician Assistant curriculum at the participating undergraduate institution, and
  • Phase II is comprised of the Master of Medical Science Degree in Physician Assistant Studies Program at Salus University.

The following institutions have formed an agreement with Salus:

Summary Agreements

In order to be eligible to enter under the agreement, students applying from any affiliated institution must meet the below requirements in addition to the admissions requirements listed in the Application Process section, as well as complete a successful interview.

Affiliated Institution



Minimum GPA

Deadline to Apply
Caldwell University 4+2 (guaranteed interview) 3.5 Aug. 1st (highly recommended)
Cedar Crest College 4+2 (guaranteed interview) 3.5 Aug. 1st (highly recommended)
Chestnut Hill College 4+2 (guaranteed interview) 3.5 Aug. 1st (highly recommended)
Immaculata University 4+2 (guaranteed interview) 3.5 Aug. 1st (highly recommended)
Indiana University of Pennsylvania 4+2 (guaranteed interview) 3.5 Aug. 1st (highly recommended)
Keystone College 4+2 (guaranteed interview) 3.5 Aug. 1st
Messiah University 4+2 (guaranteed interview) 3.5 Aug. 1st (highly recommended)
Rosemont College 4+2 (guaranteed interview) 3.7 Aug. 1st
Western New England University 3+2 (4 seats reserved) 3.7 Aug. 1st

If you have any questions regarding the above agreements and requirements for each, please contact