Hear what our alumni have to say about the Salus University Physician Assistant program:

"I wanted to give you a quick update and let you know I accepted a job at an internal medicine office and am currently in the middle of my second week here. While I can't say PA school was easy, I can confidently say that my education at Salus really prepared me for the real world. I wanted to thank you and the rest of faculty, again, for all you have done over the last two years." -Brianna, MMS '20

"I would like to thank you all for everything you have done to help me become a PA-C. The NCCPA notified me earlier this morning that I passed the PANCE! I would not have been so successful without the contributions of everyone in the PA program and I am very grateful to you all. The PANCE was an awful long test, but I feel like Salus did a good job preparing me for it. I also feel ready to start working as a PA, also thanks to you. I'm excited to keep learning medicine and to apply what I learned at Salus to my practice. I will miss you all very much! Keep up the good work of churning out quality PAs!" -Erik, MMS '18

"I wanted to let you know that I just signed my contract accepting full-time employment in Internal Medicine Physician Assistant at a correctional facility in Pennsylvania. I'm very excited to start next week; my coworker has worked at the facility for the past 23 years and loves to teach so I think it will be a great fit for me!" -A.L., MMS '20

"During my rotation with Dr. P, I thought she was pretty tough and regimented. However, I didn’t fully realize her impact on my education until after my rotation. She taught me things like how to read and interpret labs/diagnostics, and how to perform a quick but effective H&P, and billing."
-Ashlen, MMS '20